Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Wanted Fever

I slept earlier than usual last night; it was before midnight. I woke up at half past one and couldn't go back to sleep. Heck, who am I kidding? Lately I've been staying awake at night, writing and doing stuff online.

I call it working, which is the truth.

It's a phase that I'm going through, I'm sure. My sleeping pattern will be like this for about two weeks, and then it will change. Why? Because I'm easily bored of routine, I guess. It's the only thing I'm bored with nowadays, particularly because I don't get bored much. I always have things to do anyway, so I have no time to get bored.

Only boring people get bored, I read once on Twitter. It's by Ruth Burke. Trust Twitter to give me tons of useless quotes.

It doesn't help that I'm totally addicted to The Wanted. I've been watching their concert videos and live performances on YouTube. Known as UK's bad boys, they are just fabulous and oh-so-sexy. They can sing live, which is very important in my book, and their songs are really good.

Songs like Rocket and Gold Forever are just inspiring.

From Rocket:

Going up a million miles
And I'm not coming down
Won't stop 'til I feel the sky at my feet
My dreams are my wings
I'm flying
Flying high

From Gold Forever:

Promise me you'll stay the way you are,
Keep the fire alive and stay young at heart,
When the storm feels like it could blow you out remember,
you got me and I got you

I swear, The Wanted is more than a boy band. Typical is just not the word to describe not them, and they're super duper awesome. I saw a fan cam video on YouTube of them at one of their concerts in England, and they did a medley of Taio Cruz's songs. That was smexing hot; I could watch it on repeat all day. Too bad it was a fan cam so it isn't HD.

It's like I'm living the 90s again, only with less boy bands. We had so many back then. *reminisces*

Whatever happened to those adorable boy bands anyway? I think I might write a blog post about my favourite 90s boy bands, just for fun.

I went to an all-girl school, so you can probably imagine how we fangirled over those 90s boy bands back then. My friends and I had a favourite member in each boy bands, and I used to like Stephen Gately from Boyzone. Rest in peace, Stephen. You're gone too soon.

Ah my favourite in The Wanted? I cannot decide, really. Probably Tom or Nathan, it's a tie. Darn it. All I know is I'm totally having The Wanted fever at the moment. I even edited pics of them and made collages.

Here's one of them:

The Wanted (from top-left - clockwise) - Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George, and Tom Parker
The Wanted (from top-left - clockwise) - Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness,
Siva Kaneswaran, Max George, and Tom Parker

Don't get me wrong; I love anything creative so apart from crafting, I enjoy editing pics, making banners and stuff like that. I know, some people might label me for liking The Wanted (or One Direction) but who cares?

A girl can listen to whatever kind of music she likes.

Besides, those few special people who are in my life would know that I listen to other bands too -- Silverchair, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Blink 182, to name a few.

I'm loving this, to be honest. It keeps me young, these young talented people.

On another note, I'm working on chapter 18 for my story, You Could Be Mine on Wattpad. It's a tough one to write, darn me for writing a conflict between my characters in chapter 17. Oh by the way, right now I have 8944 reads and 320 votes, yay!

OMG this is a long post. Got to pen-off now. Till I feel like blogging again, cheerio!

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