Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Scary Funfair Rides

I'm not a naturally adventurous kind of person. I can be adventurous and spontaneous when it comes to safer things like food, but when it comes to rides at funfair or theme parks, I am so not into them.

However, recently I went on a scary ride with Jojo. There's this funfair that is currently going on at our neighbourhood. It's not a real funfair. Why I call it that is because the funfair is not the expensive type like a real theme park. Everything looks old and the paint on the rides is chipped everywhere. 

The ride I went on with Jojo was the ship, the kind that sways up and down, up to 180 degrees. It was very scary for me, although I'm not really afraid of heights. It's the lack of safety features that scared me more. Lol!

Anyway, I might hop on any other rides at a proper theme park in the future, provided that the rides have excellent safety features. I will never go for rides at this particular funfair anymore. It was fun, though, no doubt. I screamed like I've never screamed before! Jojo kept laughing at me and at the others who were on the ride with us, and a lady actually cried. I so get her because the ride is pretty scary, and it felt like it moved forever.

Jojo on the Paratrooper
Jojo up high on the Paratrooper

Jojo went on another ride, which is called the Paratrooper. That one looked even scarier, because it's like you're being lifted around into the air at full speed. I just thank God we're safe, and I'm glad I managed to brave myself to climb on that ride. After the ride, I felt so good, I feel like I can do a bungee jump.

Let's see if I will get another chance to do something spontaneous soon! 

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