Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Zenni Optical

If I could change anything about myself,  would have perfect eyesight. I have been wearing prescription glasses since I was nine. I literally cannot live without my spectacles, because I won't even be able to recognise faces from 2 meters away. It's not fun, so I don't get why anyone would wish they wear glasses on a daily basis.

It's definitely expensive too. I have to get my glasses changed every year, or every two years at most. My glasses are expensive too. Frames are not cheap, and I since I am both short and long-sighted, I have to get these specially-made lenses called progressive or multifocal lenses, which are expensive. Basically, I need to wait a week or more for my prescription glasses to be ready. I paid more than RM500 for my recent pair of glasses, and that's a pain.

And then came Zenni. Zenni Optical is just awesome, like a blessing for blind people like me. Zenni has always offered the lowest price for glasses and frames. The good news is, they're now having a promotion. If you buy 2 pairs, you will get 1 pair for free! How great is that?

Zenni Optical - Buy 2 Pairs Get 1 Free Promo

Zenni Optical offers not only affordable eyeglasses, but fashionable frames too. Check out the frames that I've picked. I chose full rim frames with colourful frames. Love them!

Since they're not expensive, you can buy 2 or 3 pairs to mix and match to your outfits! Why not take advantage of their buy 2, free 1 promo today? There's even a $6.95 prescription eyeglasses!

Don't forget to give Zenni Optical a visit, and check out their huge frame collections. Have fun browsing!

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