Thursday, 24 May 2012

Life Quest 2 Metropoville Game

In between crafting and writing, I love playing computer games. I'm bad at video games on consoles like Playstation, but I love playing computer games.

I recently finished a game called Life Quest 2 Metropoville. I have never played part 1 of this game, but my way of playing is, if I start playing part 2 first, there's no way I'd play the game's early versions.

Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Main Menu
Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Main Menu

Life Quest 2 Metropoville is fun! It's different from other games that I've played, and it's a breath of fresh air from the usual hidden object and puzzle games that I always play.

I couldn't stop playing Life Quest 2 Metropoville because I just want to finish each task as fast as I could to get rewards. In this game, you'll have to choose tasks to do, from the easiest to the toughest. Of course, to progress in the game you will need to perform certain activities such as going for classes at the college, and going to the university to get a degree, masters, and so on.

Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Tasks
Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Tasks

While playing, you can chat or do activities with other characters in the game. You can become friends, good friends, and really good friends with the characters. You can ask to date the character that you're friends with, and propose for marriage when you're happily dating. This game is not homophobic. Lol! You can even marry a character of the same sex.

When I played, I dated two guys before marrying one, had 5 children, and then broke of with my game husband to marry a girl. Lol! I am so not a gay, but I just had to experiment with the game.

Of course, you'll need to eat during the game. You can't go to bed hungry or unhappy, because that would cause you to lose hours to work or do other activities the next day.

Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Doing an activity with a friend
Life Quest 2 Metropoville - Doing an activity with a friend

I love that you can buy pets, from cats to Shih-Tzu puppies to a Kraken in a bowl. Lol! Colours are customisable, and you can shop for clothes too. If you wear the right clothes for your job, you'll get extra bonus wage per hour. Meanwhile, jobs range from being a tutor, to a salesman, and the top paid job would be the professional athlete.

I could write on and on about Life Quest 2 Metropoville, but I think you should try it out on your own. Have fun!

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