Tuesday, 1 January 2013

When It's Time to Let Go

I've never been in a friendship that makes me cry almost as much as my previous relationship. I hate it when I sacrifice so much for people I care about, forgo my ego and apologise even when I did nothing wrong, and still I'm being blamed for everything.

I'm so glad that I'm no longer in such a destructive relationship, and I'm seriously thinking about ending the said friendship. A true friendship isn't always easy, but for me, both sides should try to make it work, and tolerate each other, no matter what weaknesses we may have.

I miss my bff, Yenny. She's my one and only best friend, and she's not here with me, since she lives in another state with her husband and son. I hope I will be able to visit her this year, maybe in June. I hope she'll be able to come and visit me too.

If Yenny's here with me, God knows what adventures we'd have! We used to watch movies together, have meals at our favourite places, and go shopping together as well. Now, since she has a son, we'll still go shopping and eat out together, and I cannot wait to meet her son.

God knows how much I miss my bff. It doesn't matter how many other friends I have; my bff Yenny is the bestest friend one can ever have. I miss you, girl!

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