Monday, 7 February 2011

Lunch at Yukimi Sushi

Jojo and I had were craving for sushi last week. We went to Yukimi Sushi, Kuching's local Japanese food outlet. It's also the first halal Muslim Japanese restaurant in Kuching, and probably in Sarawak.

The outlet is located near E-Mart at Lee Ling Commercial Centre, Jalan Matang, and it's just near our home. Jojo told me that the outlet has been there for a few years, and strangely, we've never been enticed to try it out before.

We ordered Yukimi's takoyaki as appetisers, which is said to be a favourite among Yukimi's customers.

Takoyaki - RM3.90

Then, I had grilled salmon bento set, and Jojo had torikatsu (chicken) bento set. The bento sets were different from the images on Yukimi Sushi website; even better, I think. We love the seaweed and the rice portion is generous! The prawn tempura was fresh and super crispy too! Oh did I tell you that the bento sets come with free hot green tea?

Grilled salmon bento set - RM12.50
Torikatsu bento set - RM12.50
Hot green tea

Then, we ordered one of the sushi sets, but I forgot to take its pic until we had the salmon sushi. Lol! The sushi had very mild vinegar taste, and therefore, it's perfect for those who are trying out sushi for the first time.

Sushi set - RM11.20

We spent RM40.10 there and I think it is not too bad. We had healthy food and the prices are reasonable, although the ambience could be better. Yukimi Sushi restaurant will definitely get more visits from us.


  1. Olla Debbie, lama sungguh tak singgah.

    Wah makanan tuu semua nampak delicious tuu. Green Tea memang menenangkan : ) Grilled Salmon Bento Set sounds eeeii desiyo..

    Have a great day ya : )

  2. Hi Rizal, thanks for dropping by! :) Ha'ah mmg sedap tu, tp ada menu lain yg belum dicuba. :)


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