Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lunch at SCR Express, E-Mart Lee Ling

The last time I tried the food at Singapore Chicken Rice aka SCR was a long time ago. When Jojo brought me to SCR, I was pleasantly surprised with the new SCR Express. 

Nice interior design
Clean environment and nice ambience

SCR Express was introduced back in 2007. Jojo and I went to 2 of the SCR Express branches in Kuching, and one of it is just near our home. I loved the one at E-Mart Lee Ling. We went on a week day for lunch and there were not many people there. I've always loved a place that's not too crowded.

Love the lights

I also loved that our seats were next to the window and I could snap some photos of the booths at the ground floor. The outlet was clean, brightly lit and the seats were comfortable too.

One of the stalls downstairs

I had sarsi cincau (sarsaparilla-based drink with grass jelly) with sweet and sour fish rice, while Jojo had mango juice with spicy sambal chicken rice. The food at SCR is delicious, and we've tried the one at Hock Lee Mall, also in Kuching, and the food there were even better.

Our drinks :)

Jojo's order - Spicy Sambal Chicken with White Rice

My order - Sweet and Sour Fish with White Rice

That's another post altogether, though. Enjoy the pics!

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