Saturday, 11 June 2011

Flying Kites at Pantai Abang Amin, Sematan

 I had so much fun at my dad's kampung last week. I'm glad I went back for the second time after Gawai with Jojo.

Jojo and Damooq flying kites :)
We went to the beach, Pantai Abg. Amin in Sematan and played kites for 2 days in a row, but the most fun I had was on the second day, on 8 June. Jojo and I went with our cousins, Chilo and Damooq, who are brothers.

The boys goofing off in the water

Love this shot!

Our kites didn't fly much, but we had fun taking pics. I made my little cousin, Damooq jump in the water and took shots of him. Then, we took group pics, and it was awesome. I had a lot of fun laughing and just goofing off, I wished we can do it often.

One of the few shots with me in it

I will definitely go to the beach more and take more pics when I balik kampung again soon. Hope you had a fun holiday as well.

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