Monday, 11 July 2011

Hobby Farm Game

I've been playing a few games on my computer lately. The last game I played and completed was Farm Tribe, and that was in October last year.

Hobby Farm by Big Fish Games

I've recently finished playing Hobby Farm by Big Fish Games. I love games by Big Fish, and if you love farming and time management games, you'll probably enjoy Hobby Farm as much as I did.

The aim of the game is pretty straightforward. Plant crops such as pineapple, carambola, orange, and melon, and harvest them to fulfill specific goals in each level. You get to rear chicken, goat and more. You'll get to buy dogs to protect your crops and produce from thieves too.

Hobby Farm - During the game

As you advance in the game, you'll need to purchase machines to process your produce to make products like ice cream, carambola juice, threads, and so forth. You'll also get awards for your achievements.

Hobby Farm - Level 37 completed

Hobby Farm is such a simple, and yet entertaining game. There are 50 levels altogether, so you'll be glued to this game for quite a while. Happy gaming and have lots of fun!

Hobby Farm - Ending


  1. Hey Debbs! :)

    So this is what you have been doing eh? :P

    I want to try this, I love Big Fish games too.. :) I wish I can get more time to play more, lately, it's been all about the money and I am honestly, exhausted..

    Anyway, just dropping by to catch up on you.. :)

  2. Hey Ane! Yup, I've been playing more games lately. :) I do work, though, it's just that it's the summer in the US, so our clients don't really have much jobs for us.


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