Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saying Hello to July

Hello July! June was a very trying month for me, especially during the third and fourth week. I came back to KL to C's new place. While the new place is cosy, there are a few things that need to be fixed around the house. We had to live in the dark for a few days because we didn't have enough cash to settle the pending electricity bills. The previous tenant left without paying the bills, so C has worked out with the owner to pay for the bills and that covers the rental deposit.

Then, C fell down twice at work. The first time was caused by slippery floor, and the second time caused him to sprain his right ankle quite badly. He had to go for a few massage sessions to ease the swelling. The first night after the fall, he couldn't sleep well and he was groaning in pain the whole night. I felt sorry for him, and I couldn't do much for him. I wish there was a medicine that's strong enough, like Tramadol that can be purchased at

Earlier this week, C's company car that he uses for work was stolen. I had a panic attack when C told me about it because he needs the car to go to work, and shop for ingredients and supplies for his food stall. Luckily, the robbers left the car somewhere near Ampang and nothing was stolen.

Finally, I've been having fights with C and I'm definitely not happy here at the moment. He has changed, and I guess us being in a long distance relationship for more than 6 months this year is one of the culprits. I really don't know him anymore, and I don't think I can be with him any longer. I will be going back to Kuching for good real soon.

I hate crying and I definitely hate having arguments. I wish there's a prescription drug that can mend my broken heart or at least, numb the pain. Perhaps I can get some at There is another website that sells Tramadol, which is

Dear July, I hope you'll treat me better. Happy weekend!


  1. :( I'm so so sorry to hear that debbs! :( It's heartbreaking to hear.. :_( If u need to talk, just email me lah ya? My YM is really sot nowadays.. some days can hidup some days cannot. I'll always be here for you, debbs. *hugs*

  2. Hi Shem! :) Don't worry ya, I'm fine. I'm done crying, and there's nothing much I can do with a person who does not share the same dreams as me. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Hugsies!

  3. Dear Debbie, a lot of times it takes a lot of rain to get rainbows. Don't stop living your dreams, surrender everything to Him, and you'll be alright. All the best :)


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