Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cats are My Best Friends

Things have been really stressful at home. Aside from us siblings laughing out loud and having fun during the day while our parents are at work, evenings and nights are often tense. I hate it. I hate the fact that mom is always moody, and dad gets affected by mom's bad mood too.

However, I'm very thankful that Jojo is recovering very well despite going through 2 operations in less than a month. He still needs to go for a few sessions of physiotherapy and I'm just grateful that he is so strong. I'm grateful for having the opportunity to care of him, and being able to be there for him and make him happy. I just hope he won't feel stressed with everything else that is going on around us.

He gives me strength, more than he knows. I may look strong, but I think Jojo is the source of all the strength that I have. And I thank God for that.

I'm also thankful for my cats. We have 2 new additions to the family, and they both have orange fur. Now, we have 8 cats. Love them lots! You can see Kitty's kitten, Si Kecik Somet (in local Sarawakian, it means The Little Moustache) in the pic. Isn't she adorable? :) Bom Dong is now a very macho male cat. He's still my favourite, but I will show more pics of him in another post.

I have got to go now. I'll be back to blog more real soon! Have a great week, everyone!

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