Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

I've been taking turns with my dad to look after Jojo at the hospital since I arrived in Kuching last Wednesday night. Although I'm only with Jojo from noon until 8pm, it is tiring. I haven't got much time to really unpack, but I've started with my craft supplies, since I have to count all my stocks and update my website. I also need to order new stocks soon, and I will be joining a bazaar in Kuching in November. Hopefully by then, Jojo will be fit enough to accompany me.

My parents haven't been eating and sleeping well. I'm glad that I'm home, and I'm able to be there for my family, especially Jojo. I'm also glad that I'm around to make sure that my parents actually eat. I guess they won't be needing any weight loss pills after all.

Many of my friends are now feeling the weights piling up after the recent Eid holidays. We all know, festive season means food, food, and more food. Perhaps all you need is Slim9, a dietary supplement and weight loss pill that helps you to lose weight, and keep your energy level high at the same time. It is an all-natural supplement, which boosts your energy and metabolism, while helping you to lose that excess weight as well. You'll definitely feel healthier and younger too.

Slim9 also keeps you feeling energetic, and improves your stamina. This is particularly important for those who would like to lose weight by exercising. Exercising will help you lose fat quicker than just lazying around, mind you, and I personally think that a toned body looks better than just a slender body. A toned body looks healthier too, rather than looking frail and weak with just skin and bones.

If you're looking to lose weight for the next few months, all the best to you. In the meantime, I'm on the quest to get fitter. Hopefully I can do that with my frequent walks to and from the car park near the hospital whenever I visit Jojo. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey Debbs!! you back in kuching for good?? I read your previous post and I'm soooo happy to hear that Jojo's reverse surgery went well! :) Praise the Almighty!!

    So the bazaar over here tidak jadi?

  2. Hey Shem! Yup, I'm back in Kuching, for good! :) So happy for Jojo too, but long story lah, will tell you more when I see you online.

  3. Wuaahh! Back in kuching for good? So now, if I wanna meet up, I have to go back to kuching lah ni! hahaha ada excuse! :)

    Oh okay, just buzz me lah when you see me online. teruk betul my YM skrg. >.< so i'm chatting with ppl via FB only now. yucks. hahaha


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