Thursday, 25 August 2011

Just a Short Update

I'm not a religious person, but I've been thanking God so much recently. My brother, Jojo went through a reverse surgery last week and now he's sleeping soundly at home after spending a week at the hospital. I'm so happy that the surgery went well and Jojo is doing great. I'm so grateful for everything; my brother being healthy, and for friends and family, who have prayed so much for him.

I'm also thankful that in the midst of financially difficulties and other problems, I've managed to save enough to get extra craft supplies for the upcoming craft bazaar in October. I still need to buy a few more items, and I have one more month to prepare. I'm nervous that it's very near, and I'll be flying solo, but I'm looking forward to meeting other crafters and making new friends.

I'm pretty sure that I've annoyed quite a number of people on my FB group. Being an admin is tough, but being a strict admin is tougher. Well, rules is there for a reason and because I was the one who wrote it, I'd hate to see it being broken.

Anyway, enough babbling for now. I need to update my other blogs. Wish me luck!

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