Sunday, 30 October 2011

We Love Zumba

I'm in the midst of preparing for my first ever bazaar, The Bloom Bazaar, which will be happening on Saturday, 26 November 2011! I'm very excited and nervous about it, but with some support from my brother, sister, and cousins, I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.

I've also started working out at least 3 times a week, about 30 minutes for each session. I don't do other kinds of exercise except walking and Zumba, which I love! I love Zumba! I'm so glad I showed the video to my sister and now she's hooked. I'm so happy for my brother too, as he can work out with us without any restrictions, unlike when he was wearing the colostomy bag.

I managed to finish the whole session of Zumba in the Zumba Cardio Party video, and I was amazed and proud of myself. I can now walk up the stairs without feeling the tense in my feet and without panting. I am so going to continue Zumba-ing forever! It really works.

Anyway, Jojo has lost more than 10kgs since he had the reversal ileostomy procedure, thanks to diet restrictions. He can't take milk or fibrous food such as vegetables, and he's taking very little white rice a day. I've also lost some 5kgs since I came back to Kuching. Yay! Thanks to Zumba, almost no junk food, and more Zumba. Besides, since Jojo had cancer, we are more careful about our choices of food, and we rarely eat out anymore. Nowdays, our meals mostly consist of boiled or steamed food as opposed to deep-fried food that we used to love.

I'm so happy that I can now fit into my old clothes better. The only thing I dislike about losing weight is that my jeans is loose and does not fit me as good as before. I needs a new pair of jeans, or two! Hope I'll be able to shop soon. Cheerio!

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  1. Hey Debbs!!

    Long time didn't hear from you! So good to know that you guys are having fun working out! I think that's most important thing of all.. just to have fun. If not, working out will seem like such a chore.. I love doing Zumba, thanks to you, too!

    But I haven't been doing much Zumba at all because I'm busy training for my 10km run.. And thanks to that, I lost 8kgs! :) YAY! Hopefully by the time I race end of Nov, I'd have lost even more.

    Good to hear that everyone is making healthier and better choices. So proud of Jojo for kicking cancer in the ass!

    Anyways, great to hear from you after so long!


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