Friday, 6 January 2012

A Simple Sorry

I've been thinking for days of what to write here. I'm trying to avoid writing about someone I just knew online. It's hard enough not to doodle imaginary hearts around every thoughts in my head when I think of him. I am so not ready for a new relationship, so I'm taking it slow, and enjoying the company.

I came across this today on Facebook. I am big on sharing quotes, and this one is perfect. I hate it when people say sorry too much. It's good when you say it to take responsibility for your actions, and to make the other party feel better, but the word sorry is just worthless when you say it over and over again. It is worse when you say it with that sad, puppy eyes, but you still repeat your mistakes.

Sorry is probably very hard to say, but it comes naturally to me. Just say sorry and mean it, and don't repeat whatever it is that you feel sorry for, and then, do your best to make up for it. Simple. Of course, not everything is forgivable. You can try, though.

I, certainly deserve someone who cares enough not to hurt me, than someone who overuses the word sorry.


  1. That is so true! Better not say sorry at all if don't mean it.. But if decide to say sorry then better not repeat the mistake again.. Am happy you found happiness and hope that it will last forever and ever.. :)

  2. Hi Bella, thank you! I must say I've learnt that to be happy, it must come from within me and not from others. :) Happy Monday!


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