Monday, 30 January 2012

The Street Bazaar 2012

Crafty Heart at The Street Bazaar 2012

My weekend has been uneventful. Shocking, huh? Anyway,  participated in The Street Bazaar last Saturday. I didn't make much, but I liked it that the crowd is different from the crowd at The Bloom Bazaar. I also loved it that the organiser played indie music the whole day.

Parking's a nightmare, though. The venue was at Old Courthouse, which is very near to Kuching Waterfront. There was Sarawak Regatta going on, and of course the parking spaces were all occupied. I think this is the main reason why most of the people I know who came to The Bloom Bazaar, didn't come to The Street Bazaar.

The space could be bigger too, but since it's fully air-conditioned, I guess it's okay. I wish I had more support, though. I only had my brother with me, who had to go somewhere else because there were no available parking space and he didn't want to park by the roadside. I wish my bff Yenny was there with me; we would have such an awesome time.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next Bloom Bazaar in April. It's not confirmed yet, but I'm hopeful. There's ample time to restock and make more creations, and I hope this time I'll be able to share a booth with a friend. I'd love to take more pics of the event, and more pics of myself, of course. Hope you like the pics of my booth at The Street Bazaar 2012. View the post here. Happy Monday!

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