Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ask, Seek, Knock

I've successfully booked and paid for two return tickets for my brother and I. Where to? You can probably guess. Anyway, now we'll need to earn and save more money for our accommodation, food and shopping.

I'm hoping to be able to add more new stocks on my online store. That's the only way I can generate more money, other than joining bazaars. I'm hoping to join one in April. Keeping my fingers crossed! If Jojo and I can both get a job, than it would be awesome.

God has been really kind to us lately. I think praying daily helps, just like it has been helping me a lot all the while. I haven't been a great Christian, but I'm trying my very best to pray every day. Heck, I pray a few times a day, every day. The prayers help me deal with all the negativities around me, and they help me avoid feeling depressed.

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I'm not showing off how much I pray, but I'm just sharing that it works, no matter what you believe in. When there's no one else to turn to, turn to God. He's always there. If He doesn't answer you immediately, He just wants you to be patient and to have faith in Him. Trust me.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately. Been listening to Narmi, getting back to listening to OAG, and some old and new stuff. I want to go for karaoke! I read that Radhi and OAG is coming back with a new album. Yay!

Oh wasn't Adele awesome at the recent Grammy's? Congrats, Adele! I heard that she'll be taking a 5-year break from the music industry, which is a great move. She deserves it anyway. All the best, Adele!

I have quite a number on projects on hold, actually. I really need to get them done, because I've been procrastinating lately. Good luck to me! :) Happy Thursday peeps!

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