Friday, 3 February 2012

On Bazaars and Dreams

I was so excited when I found out that I was being featured in our local newspaper yesterday. Well, I was not being featured per se, but I was interviewed by a crafter friend, who's also a journalist working with The Borneo Post.

The article is about how online entrepreneurs like me utilise social media such as Facebook to promote and expand our businesses. He mentioned my full name in the article, and I should say he used my own responses in the article too. I love reading it, I mean, who doesn't, if their name is mentioned in a local newspaper in the business section, right?

My dad read the article last night. He's a man of very few praises; in fact, I don't remember him praising any of her kids directly. The only thing he said to me last night was, "How did you know the journalist?" I said, he's a crafter friend, who's also a customer. Like it's really hard to believe that I know people.

I was interviewed by a reporter from another local newspaper at The Street Bazaar, and it's for a Malay newspaper. I hope she will run the article, and this time, it should feature me and my handmade cards. I'm super thrilled about it, but I can just hope that she will run it soon.

I love joining bazaars and so far I've joined two. I will be joining Bloom Bazaar in April too. I've had awesome experience running my own booth, and although I could use more support from my family, I don't think I'm getting it any sooner. I wish my best friend, Yenny's here in Kuching. We would have so much fun running our businesses together.

I really envied The Enchantress' Cauldron because the owner had more than 5 friends sitting with her at the booth, and one of them brought food for everyone. I think that's the key to success. That's why they are so successful and happy. Whereas I was just sitting there tending to my booth, wondering if Jojo has found a parking space, and hoping that I'll get to see a familiar face somewhere.

It's sad, I know, and I've come to terms with the fact that my family, especially my parents, will never get why this is what I want to do, and why I love doing it. I understand that some people would rather stick to what they know, and refuse to take risks and challenges, and I guess I'm fine with that. In fact, I'm done explaining to them about what I do. That also means, hiding the exact amount of sales that I make every month, because if they couldn't care less about my dream, they have no rights to know how much I make.

Please don't get me wrong. Please don't think that I'm being ungrateful. I am a firm believer of goals and dreams, and the only person in my family that supports me is my brother, Jojo. I always encourage him to pursue his dreams, and yeah, I'm a bit bitter because my parents don't support mine. I just hope someday they will open their hearts and see how much this means to me.

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