Wednesday, 28 March 2012

God is Bigger Than Our Problems

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense how life is unfair. It doesn't make sense how when we are the happiest, trouble seems to catch up on us. One minute we're happy, and the next minute, boom! Problems come in the biggest and the worst forms.

The worst thing is that when we're facing so many problems, everyone around us seem so happy, like they don't have any problems at all. Trust me, everyone has problems, and we deal with them in different ways.

Oh well, that's life, right? I believe that problems are there to keep us closer to God. God gives us obstacles so that we go through it, stronger than ever. When we pray for strength, God will not give us super powers but He will send us through tests. Some of these tests may be small, and some big, but they're all to keep us having faith in His love.

God will never forsaken us, that one, I know for sure. I believe in God. I want to make it a habit to talk to Him every day, like a friend who is always there for me. I don't want to come to Him just when I feel down. I want to give thanks to Him every day, for the life that I have, for being able to care for others, especially my brother.

God is bigger than all of our problems. I know God will bring me out of this problem. He will help me settle it, but right now, I hope He will guide me to find the best solution to overcome this problem. I believe in You, God. Please hear my prayer. Amen.


  1. Just have faith and patience.. God will listen to your prayer and grant it, I'm sure. It will only take a little bit of time..


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