Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Letter to Narmi

Dear Narmi,

Firstly, I don't know where you've read my first entry, which is a poem. If you haven't, well, tada, I do have a poem for you. It's cheesy, but since you said you love cheese, I hope my super cheesy poem makes you smile.

I've been a fan of One Buck Short for a while now, since Rock The World IV where you guys performed "That Day". When I watched the second episode of What Men Want on NTV7, I saw you in that rooftop-skype scene, and I fell. I fell for the guy who's in love with the clueless girl, who's seeing someone else. That time I didn't know it was you, Imran the OBS drummer. I thought I was watching a scripted drama or something.

Then, as I found out more about What Men Want, I got to know who you are. I did some searching and found your tweet handle. I don't know if you remember my first tweet, but I do.

I'm sure you've received so many compliments that they make you feel somewhat embarrassed, but you're very talented, and you're amazing. You have inspired many, including me, to be more creative. I never knew I could write cheesy poems and you inspired me to write them, so there.

I'm probably your biggest fan. Sure, I can't sing well, I can't play any musical instruments, and my poems are cheesy, but I can tell you one thing, I can write. Writing is what I love, and probably do best. I write from the heart. I have been writing several blog posts on my two blogs about you, and aside from supporting your solo career, I support your career with One Buck Short as well.

Okay prepare for 'em! Here are the links of the blog posts that I wrote:

Cair by Narmi - http://www.phat-woman.com/2012/02/cair-by-narmi.html

Whirl by Narmi (The Wknd Sessions) - http://www.celeb-square.com/2012/02/whirl-by-narmi-wknd-sessions.html

Sum 41 Live in Malaysia 2012 - http://www.celeb-square.com/2012/02/sum-41-live-in-malaysia-2012.html

Last Friday Night by One Buck Short (Live, Smash Project 2012) - http://www.celeb-square.com/2012/03/last-friday-night-by-one-buck-short.html

Sorry by Narmi (Lyrics and Video) - http://www.phat-woman.com/2012/03/sorry-by-narmi-lyrics-and-video.html

One Step Towards A Fearless Life - http://www.phat-woman.com/2012/03/one-step-towards-fearless-life.html

I also created 2 Polyvore sets based on your outfits. For your information, Polyvore is a website, where the members can create fashion sets by choosing everything from outfits to makeup and accessories according to the look that they like. The sets that I created are based on your outfits. You have to see them to get the idea.

Polyvore Set 1 - http://www.polyvore.com/red_plaid_shirt/set?id=44674183

Red Plaid Shirt

Polyvore Set 2 - http://www.polyvore.com/celeb_crush/set?id=44671044

Celeb Crush

It was so much fun creating these sets, and please don't think of it as creepy. I know you might feel embarrassed or flattered (the latter, I hope), but it's just how you inspire me.

You probably don't remember this but you're on Pinterest too! Here's the link: http://pinterest.com/pin/245305510923389726/

What else do I know about you? Oh I know a lot; you're born on 21 December and you're a Capritarius, you love sushi, and your favourite colour is green. I know you like taking photos of the sky, clouds, and sunsets too.

I have downloaded 7 of your songs and covers, and I have them on my phone. I also follow you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, to name a few.

Haha I do sound like an obsessed fangirl eh? :P

My brother, Jojo has become a fan of your music, and we've been singing your songs Cair and Whirl, a lot. Soon, we'll be able to memorise the lyrics and sing along with you when we attend your show in the future. Wheeee! :) We've never missed your video streaming session, so far. No matter how slow our Internet connection was, we would tune in without fail. Yay!

So good luck Narmi, on your EP, future shows, and your debut album, and I hope I'll be able to see your live performance when I come down to KL very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Stay grounded, stay humble, be yourself, and keep it real, always! :)




Disclaimer: This blog post was written and compiled to enter the NTV7 What Men Want Narmi contest.

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