Tuesday, 27 March 2012

One Step Towards A Fearless Life

I finally braved myself to submit my poem for a contest. I won't mention which contest it is here, but if you're a fan of NTV7 What Men Want, you'd know which contest it is. I don't have such high hopes for it, but I don't want to jinx it either, so wish me luck, okay? :)

Last night, Narmi had another video streaming session. I slept at 9pm, and my brother woke me up at midnight. However, my Internet sucked, so I could only hear bits and pieces of his singing. Couldn't even hear a full sentence of what he said either. Anyway, hopefully when he decides to do another stream session, my connection will be back to normal by then.

He sings beautifully, I swear, and watching him sing online is like having someone serenade you to sleep. Seriously, but you won't fall asleep, because then, he'll start talking, reading the chat, and responding, and he'll laugh and grin. Like he knows he's cute, but pretends that he doesn't know it. Sigh.

I took this pic last week, during one of his Ustream sessions. I'm a big fan of his, as you might have known by now, and I hope to see his live performance soon. I don't tell him that I'm his fan, but I think he knows. So far, he replies comments and stuff like that, and he's been very friendly and humble too. I hope he doesn't let the fame change him.

A screenshot of Narmi's Ustream session

Me! Over excited lol!

I'm kind of embarrassed that I've been blogging about Narmi, but at least he's no Bieber, right? Lol! Live life without fear, that's what my friend, Shemah said earlier on Twitter. Yay! Heck! *clicks publish*


  1. Hey Debbs! So proud that you're submitting your poem. Being vulnerable and letting your guard down once in a while does wonders for your self esteem. :) Even if you *touch wood* don't win at least you know you put yourself out there. But apa pun, I wish you good luck! All the best! And one step to leading a fearless life, is do one thing that scares you. Every single day.

    1. Heyya Shem! I know, I'm loving that feeling. It feels like nothing can stop me from achieving everything that I want in life. What have I got to lose, right? :) Thanks Shem and I hope I win! Hehe..


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