Sunday, 6 May 2012

Does Happiness Scare You?

I have been thinking of writing a new post for days now, but I have been busy with updating my webstore and Facebook pages. I also had a custom order for a Mother's Day card. I still need to take photos of my ready-made ribbon and metal bookmarks as well.

Well, those were the things I did, other than my daily chores like cooking for Jojo and whatnot. Anyway, I've been pretty happy lately. I have started my Daily Gratitude journal, which I have not written in for days too. Guilty as charged!

Does happiness scare you? It does scare me a little. Sometimes when I'm so happy, I start to think that something might go wrong, or maybe I might cry the next day. Things like that always happen to me. But then again, maybe it's because I DO think that it will happen, that it comes true anyway. Does that make sense?

God has always been good to me, of course. I've been blessed. I won a Toshiba earphone from Kak Emila Yusof recently, and my cheesy poem was mentioned by Narmi. How cool is that?

I think it's essential that we always remember to give thanks to God every day for everything that we have. I always make it a point to thank Him, and be grateful for everything that I have. Everything happens for a reason, and my life is like this because it's part of His plan. I truly believe in that. I will never let anyone make me feel like I'm unworthy or undeserving of what I have right now.

Appreciate the little things. Little things like being able to pay RM2 per day via Maxis to be able to tweet, keeps me sane. Keeps me feeling social, like my friend, Shemah said to me when we texted just now.

Things like this beautiful sunset photo I took at Kuching Waterfront recently, makes me happy too. I just love nature, and a gorgeous day with blue sky and white cotton candy clouds make me deliriously happy.

Sunset at Waterfront Kuching. The very pic I used as background
for the poem I sent to Narmi. :)

I need to shop for a friend's birthday gift. Maybe next week, I will. For now, contemplating on what to get for her. Hehe. Happy Sunday! :)


  1. What a lovely post and picture. Sometimes it does scares me.

    1. Thanks kak. Shot using my Canon Ixus 80IS jer. :)

  2. Yeah. Sometimes I do get scared. Sometimes I feel happiness is the calm before a storm. But then I try not to adjust my way of thinking before it really happens. Self-fulfilling prophecy, I call it. Because you believe it so much, it WILL happen.

    But anyways, being grateful and counting your blessings is the best way to get out of a funk and enjoy the NOW. And not think too much of what will happen.

    Awesome photo!! :D And when will we get to hear the so called "cheesy" poem? hehehe

    My birthday pressie is it??? IS IT????? IS IT??????!!!!! hahahahaha teruk oh kan. perasan.

    1. Lol Shem! I don't know if Narmi's going to turn my poem into a song for real. :P Keeping my fingers crossed!

      Haha bought edi the bday pressie. :P


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