Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I Miss Blogging, Sort Of

I miss it. I really do. Well I miss it now, anyway. I felt like I needed to write my thought out, instead of letting it run along with my other thoughts. It's nice to still have a blog to rant on, and it's definitely good to know that I can still blog whenever I feel like it.

Now, whoever came up with the phrase "hold that thought" is a genius, other than the fact that right now, I am having a hard time remembering what to write about. Twitter is so much simpler. Just type whatever comes to mind, hit the tweet button and you're done.

I think I will get back to blogging full force next year. I'll make it a goal to update my other blogs. My Adsense could use some help, since I'll be cashing out my current earnings for my trip next week. Whee! A week of shopping and eating and hanging out with my bff and gal pals, and nothing else! Looking forward to that for sure. :D

My brother and I are making karaoke our monthly activity. Turns out I can sing. Lol! I'm so glad we found another thing that we both enjoy.

I'm also trying not to worry about things, especially things that I cannot control. Positivity rocks! And confidence is sexy. Hah. Tata!

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