Friday, 12 October 2012

Boyfriend Woes

Bring a Capricorn, it's not a normal day if I don't have anything on my mind. Today being a normal day, of course, I have some issues bugging me.

I just heard from a friend. She's having some problems with her boyfriend, who lives in another city that's about 2-hour flight away. She wants to go there and see her boyfriend tomorrow, and come back on Monday. The thing is, we're both broke and she doesn't feel right asking for monetary help from anyone.

I told her I would definitely help if I could, and she said it's okay. She's just thankful that I'm there to listen. I mean, that's what friends are for, right?

Right now, I'm trying to talk her out of it. She insists on going, saying that it will give her closure and after that, she won't be worried anymore. She said, if the relationship ends, at least she knows why and she won't spend her nights crying and wondering what went wrong. I guess I get it. If she needs closure, then she needs to get it.

Don't ask me. My ex broke up with me over the phone AFTER I called him and asked him first. I don't need closure from a jerk. So there.

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