Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Want Kids

At my age, I think I am ready to have a baby. I can picture getting up at odd times and totally screwing up my sleeping time for a baby. I can absolutely picture having a baby with me at all times, going anywhere and everywhere. We would do all things together; shopping, lunch, meeting up with friends, going to craft bazaars when she or he gets a little bit older, and more.

I had the chance to meet up with my bff's sister in law the other day before flying home to Kuching. I had to pass some things to my bff, and since she couldn't come down to see me, her awesome SIL came by with her younger son. She has 2 sons, but the eldest was still asleep at home with the dad. Like OMG, her son is so adorable! I waved goodbye to him and he waved back, and that's when he smiled. I was heartbroken. Heartbroken that I didn't get to spend more time with the boys. Sigh.

Yesterday, my cousin's daughter came by our home with my sister. My sister came home for a week's holiday, and she has been bringing Yuki over to our home during the evenings for the past few days. Yuki is another kind of adorable. She's shy at first, but once she feels comfortable with me, she could talk to me like any 3 year old would. So effin adorable!

I was drawing her, and she asked, "Mana shoes Yuki?" As in "Where's Yuki's shoes?" Le sigh. Could a girl be any cuter?

She's so smart, and sweet and so cute! I wish she's mine. I wish I could keep her. I would make a terrific mother to her. I could teach her many things, and she would speak English fluently. I think I will start introducing more English words to her.

Yuki stays with her parents (her dad is my first cousin) a little far from where we live, and I've heard stories that her mom doesn't feed her well. I mean how can a 3 year old survive on milk alone? The mother spends all day playing pc games and eating ramen noodles. Crazy! She's so going to get it from me as soon as I get to see her, although my mom told me not to. She said it's not our place. Urgh! And Yuki's life is in jeopardy because of an irresponsible mother? God, help her!

Yuki's coming by this evening as well, since my sister is flying back to Miri tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with her again.

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