Monday, 22 October 2012

Sometimes I Just Don't Know Why

I was at a bazaar with my friend, S yesterday, when I heard someone exclaimed my name. Yup, exclaimed. I'm definitely not exaggerating.

And there he stood, all mighty and confident, with his dimples and the biggest smile. I was like, OMG. I covered part of my face with the hand fan that I was fanning myself with.

There and then, I was shocked. Surprised to see him. Out of all the people in my hometown, I didn't expect to see him at all. He was one of the many people that I have been hoping not to see whenever I go out.

Sigh. All the memories from college came back pouring into my mind when I saw him. Okay, maybe more like collapsing on top of each other. Those are the memories that I've been trying to suppress from clouding and polluting my mind every day.

I could live with not meeting up with my college friends, and not remembering all the bad memories from back then. I was happy, not going to reunions and escaping any chance of reminiscing those memories.

And there he was, lo and behold. Why did he appear out of a sudden? Why did God want us to meet again?

Did God make him find me to remind me of what I've missed?

Or did God make him meet me after all these years, to show me that I've been wrong, and that I have the chance to make everything right?

Why did someone from my past, from more than 10 years ago, appear in front of me yesterday?

I've no idea why. Thing is, I gave him my business card and he said, he'll find me on Facebook. I hope he will, but I highly doubt it.

But I realised yesterday, that I did miss him. A lot.

Did I mention that he's happily married, with a cute son? Le sigh.

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