Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where Art Thou?

I had the most vivid dream last night. It was about someone I know, but have not met in person. I was walking in a place, like a long, wide hallway and there he was, about to go to gym. Weird, I know.

Anyway, he saw me and smiled, and I walked towards him. He sat down, and I sat next to him. We started talking about his work (I know it's weird but he has a really interesting and fun job).

That's when he held out his hand and said, "Here, take it. Deep conversations must be accompanied with this. It makes it deeper."

And he smiled.

And I took his hand, our fingers intertwined, and my heart skipped a beat. I swear I could feel the warmth of his right hand when my left hand touched it, and I had butterflies. Like omaigadddd.

I also knew that I was just dreaming, and I was like, please don't wake up! I can't remember how the dream ended, though, but it was a nice dream.

I tweeted about it, and my friend, Shem tweeted me back. She said, maybe it's a sign. I replied, maybe. I told her, I want someone whom I can have deep conversations with. Someone who won't fall asleep like you-know-who. And she said, he's not even worth mentioning. Shem said, "Every HE is better than him." Amen to that!

Dear you who was in my dream, if only you know how I feel about you. It's crazy. I'm crazy. But it's okay, I doubt that we can be together anyway. I hope you'll find someone who's as awesome as you are. Someone who enjoys the things that you love too. Sincerely, me.


  1. Ooh! What an interesting dream! :)

    Don't give up just yet! You never know, maybe in the future you will cross his path and your dream might one true.. :) A few years before B and I started dating, I had a dream about him, similar to yours but a lot naughtier, if you know what I mean, LOL! :D I put the thought aside and thought it would never happen because well, he's waaaaay older and he couldn't possibly see me the same way... And look where we are now, married with kids! :D so you see, sometimes, there are just more to dreams than it just being in your head.. :D hehe

  2. Oh Ane, I wish I wish I wish! But there's that religion issue, plus he doesn't know me anyway, and we've never met in person. :P If I could find a guy HALF as nice as him, I'd be happy.


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