Friday, 9 November 2012

Being Sensitive

I'm a sensitive person, I must admit. Sometimes I hate that I'm sensitive, because even the tiniest thing might make me feel offended. I hate it, because sometimes when some people joke about me to my face, I couldn't take it. When I was younger, whenever something like that happen, I would storm out of the room. I didn't care if I was labelled the party pooper or whatever. I was hurt.

Now that I'm an adult, I have pride as well. No matter how much I hurt, I try to put on a brave face. Sometimes, it doesn't work. Sometimes it does, and when it does, usually it's just me trying to ignore my own feelings, or just crying on the inside. I don't usually show my sensitive side nowadays, except when I'm all alone in my room.

It hurts so much, especially when the person who hurt you is someone you care about. Like your brother or your dad. Crying on the inside hurts like hell. I wish they knew how it feels like. I wish they feel what I feel whenever they hurt me.

But I know I am stronger than this. I am healing as I'm writing this. This is an outlet for me to say whatever I want to say, without worrying about offending anyone. Who cares who read this. Twitter is another outlet, but I can only tweet so much without offending my followers.

I am not weak. I am strong, and I am a big girl. I can go through this. I believe in God and He will never leave me alone. People leave. God never will.

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