Saturday, 12 January 2013

Be More Adventurous

Have you ever done something that you thought you would never have done? What did you do last year that was nerve-wrecking or so-not-you?

Last year, I did a few new things. They're not adventurous to the max, they didn't give me much of an adrenaline rush, but I loved myself even more after trying them.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
-Helen Keller

I love singing, but I've only went to a karaoke place for the first time last year. My brother tried a place called Track7, and he brought me there. We loved it, but now, since we've tried another outlet called K-11, we're never going back to Track7.

I've always been shy and reserved, and singing in public was a no-no for me, until in 2000, I think. My college friends and I went to a senior's dinner party and two of us had to sing to represent our table. We sang Camelia's Rindu Padanya (lame, I know!) but it was the only song in the list that we could sing at the time. It was not a disaster! I loved it when I dare to do something, even though it seemed nerve-wrecking.

Now that my brother and I have made karaoke our favourite must-do activity every month, I don't think singing in public will be a problem for me. When my cousin gets married, I won't mind singing!

My brother and I are very close, so we do a lot of activities together. Last year, we tried Sushi King for the first time as well. We were not familiar with Japanese restaurants, how to order and even how to pay, but we did it. We went there twice and the second time, we ordered ala carte. I had a set that included tempura, rice, soba (or was it udon?) and Japanese egg custard. it was delicious! So glad that Jojo actually suggested that we try Sushi King. Perhaps we'll try Sakae Sushi next!

What else did I do that was out of the norm for me? Well last year, I joined a few contests. I didn't win, but for one of them, I wrote a poem. It's a love poem, which was sort of embarrassing because it was for a local celebrity. :P I wish he would come to Kuching this year for a show. I'd love to come!

Oh I remember winning a set of Toshiba ear buds by just answering a question the most creative way. Love those ear buds.

Jojo and I also went to Sematan beach to swim. It's been years since either of us had fun at the beach, so it was a really nice experience. I dislike swimming at the sea, though. I hate that the water's salty. I also dislike it that I got a tan after that. Lol!

Last December, on Christmas day, we went balik kampung and had a swim at a river near our aunty's house. The water was cold and clean, and I think we had a pretty good time. Our little cousin joined us. Too bad our other cousins didn't join us. Oh well. I love frolicking in the river, though. It certainly brought back childhood memories.

This year, I want to do more new things. But those have been included in my new year's resolutions post. We'll see what happens.

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