Friday, 11 January 2013

Friendship Woes

I have just received a private message on Facebook, from a friend whom I had a row with about a week ago. I'm so glad that it's a positive message. She agreed to return something that we shared, and I will pay her share.

It's sad that we had to resort to this but I think it's for the best. It's hard to share something with someone, who doesn't have the same thinking that I do. It's hard to explain and I'd rather not explain it here.

I will still see her during bazaars, but I guess our friendship will never be the same.

Talking about friendship, it is really sad to end one, especially when you've known each other for years. It's even more sad to lose a friend, merely due to gossip. It's disappointing when you're trying to be the bigger person by approaching the said friend about your issues, but he/she refuses to talk about it.

It's very frustrating when he/she ignores you (obviously refuses to forgive you) and continues to be bitter about everything you did or didn't do. Even worse is when he/she has the nerve to rally his/her friends against you. And those friends are not real friends, but so-called friends known via Facebook or Twitter.

Sad, really.

Good thing is, I've unfollowed and unfriended such friends. I don't regret doing that, because true friends won't do that. A real, genuinely nice person won't do that either.

I don't need these fake friends. Those who calculate everything. Those who won't comment on your blog posts unless you comment on theirs first. Eff that. Eff those drama queens. That's so half a decade ago, and I'm beyond all those petty things.

I have enough bffs and close friends, who truly care about me; friends who support my goals and dreams, friends who dream with me.

I am so happy I didn't renew this blog's old domain. And I'm happy I have this blog, where I can write about things that I love, and things that matter to me. I'm so thankful I have a place, where I can ramble and rant about anything and everything without thinking whether it will please my blog readers.

I don't know if anyone reads this humble blog of mine, but I am grateful.

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