Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Plastics in My Life

I thought that when I deleted my old posts from before 2011, I could forget the past. But no, the past always has ways to catch up to us or at least, to remind us of it. Lately, the past has been catching up to me, and reminding me how glad I was to forget about it.

I like the movie Mean Girls. I think I loved it back then, when I watched it as a young adult. Now that I'm somehow part of my own Mean Girls movie, I dislike being in it.

I've always thought that I was Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan) or her friends. I'm weird, I'm quirky, and reserved, and at times, I can be crazy too. I love my weird and funny close friends, and as a young adult in college, I was ignored by my own clique, for reasons that I do not know until today.

But then again, when I really think about it, perhaps I am part of The Plastics too. I mean, I can be mean. I can be so mean that I say (or tweet) mean things about people I don't really know. I even dislike this person, whom I've never met before. I only befriended this person because she's friends with a blogger friend, which makes her my blogger friend too. What does that make me? A plastic, right? A fake friend?

However, before you call me a fake friend, firstly, you do not know the whole story. You're right if you say that I don't know you. You don't know me in person either, but that makes it wrong for you to judge me too. Hah.

The way I see it, we were friends when you were nice to me. I returned the favour by being nice to you too. And then, you showed me your true colours and annoyed me. I couldn't help but feel annoyed with you and your silly dramas, so when it came to the time that I really couldn't stand you, I stopped being your friend.

I think I did us a big favour. I certainly wouldn't be able to live a happy life if I were still befriending you. I didn't like your traits, so there. I dare say that I saved you the trouble of ending our so-called friendship. Simple as that.

Now, whenever I see your name or online aliases, it makes me feel irritated. No idea why but I guess you're irritating like that. I avoid all contacts with you but there you are, always popping up wherever I am. Not sure if I should block you on Facebook or Twitter, because even though I hate to admit it, it's fun annoying you. Yup, I am a Mean Girl like that, just like you assumed all the while.

I guess you don't read my blog anymore because you're selfish like that, right? Which means you won't read this post, but your friends might, and they might copy this post for you to read and gossip about.

I'm giving you a little warning. Mess with my friends, and you'll get hell from me. Well, no, I won't waste my time bombarding you with hate tweet mentions or emails. But it would be fun laughing at the petty, miserable you and your so-called friends at your pity party, while my friends and I enjoy our positive, happy, fulfilling and adventurous lives.

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