Friday, 15 March 2013

Wattpad Story - You Could Be Mine

So I've been writing on Wattpad, and it's been so much fun. I've had negative comments, but I turned it into a positive experience by challenging myself more, and editing my first three chapters. I think those chapters are better now, although I know, I can always improve them. :)

You Could Be Mine main cast - Demi Lovato, Max Irons, and Tyler Blackburn
You Could Be Mine main cast - Demi Lovato, Max Irons,
and Tyler Blackburn

So far, responses have been great; I now have loyal readers who would always give me support, and my best friend loves my story too. My brother has been reading my story, and he loves it. He kept on asking me to update all the time, like I can type that fast!

I've also made a few new friends who are all brilliant writers. I'm jealous of those who learnt to write from a very young age. Some of these new friends of mine are only 14, and they write ridiculously good! I have so much to learn from them, and I think joining Wattpad is one of the best thing I did this year.

The McKellan Siblings - Max Irons, Addy Miller and Morgan Lily
The McKellan siblings - Max Irons, Addy Miller and Morgan Lily

Anyway, as of today, You Could Be Mine has received 6229 reads and 241 votes. Awesome! I'm so glad I faced my fear of being critiqued, and posted my first ever story. It's a work in progress, and I'm now at Chapter 14 - The Tease, The Whipped, and The Strong.

It's a teen fiction and romance, plus a little bit of family drama. The pics in this post are all related to my story. Happy reading!

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