Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Writing on Wattpad

It's almost the end of February. Time flies really fast when you're having fun, they say. Now that is, I think, a cliche. I've been hearing so much of the word lately, half the time I think the ones who mentioned it so much, do not actually know what it is.

I haven't been blogging at all, but I have been writing on Wattpad. I think I've done quite a number of things that I'm afraid or intimidated of this year.

So far, I went on a scary ride at a local fun fair, and I've let the public read my first ever story. Honestly, I've never written a story before, and I'm glad I took the plunge. I've made new friends, and read great stories by unpublished writers.

There are a lot of crappy poorly written stories on Wattpad too. Some kids as young as 12 are there, writing stories, or I might say, typing stories on their iPhones. I hate reading stories without proper grammar or punctuation. Okay fine, at least get your punctuation right. It turns me off to see poor punctuation, really.

By publishing my story, I'm also getting used to criticism. Some of these writers are harsh. This morning, an 8th grader (14 years old) commented that my story is boring, and she only read my first chapter. I'm not offended, but sorry, dear 8th grader, I don't write vampire stories, or hot ass bad boy with 8-packs like you do, so perhaps my story is not your cup of tea.

I would never tell any writer that their story is boring, just after reading chapter 1. That's just plain mean, and lazy. There's always something good in everything. Suffice to say, an 8th grader's comment does not mean much to me and I won't let it bother me at all. Thank you for making me stronger.

There are writers on Wattpad as young as 13, and they're amazing! Now those, I would want to learn from.

I have some followers and friends who enjoy my story, so I will continue writing. My bff's feedback matters the most; she would tell me the truth if I suck at writing, but so far, she loves my story and kept asking for more. So there.

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