Friday, 14 January 2011

Food Fiday #37 - Marble Chocolate Cake

This is the marble chocolate cake I baked last night. Of course, I cut it into smaller pieces and I must say, it looks and tastes all right. It's a little dry for my liking, despite adding some vegetable oil into the mixture, but my mom gave it a thumb up. She even brought some to work today. Therefore, I consider it a success!

I have a few recipes for moist chocolate cake. I'll definitely experiment more soon (this time from scratch) and you'll see the results here! :) TGIF and happy baking!


  1. Ooh lala. That looks yummy.. Alamak, banyaknya I makan nowadays.. Errr :P

  2. Woohoo!! :) Doing lotsa baking lately yeah?? Bestnya! :D Looks good too!! :)


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