Thursday, 13 January 2011

Baking is Not (Yet) My Forte

I've just finished baking at 11.15pm. I felt a little stressed, so I thought yeah, why not bake? I wanted to bake more brownies for my sister, who's coming home this weekend, but I couldn't find the brownies mix that I bought last week.

Therefore, I bought marble cake mix and thought I could try to make it extra chocolate-y. I seriously need to be more patient! I won't show how my marble cake looks like here before I cut it into small pieces. It's now left in the kitchen to cool off, and I hope my mom won't see it. I fear that she will nag at me.

I just hope the marble cake looks better after I've cut it into smaller pieces. *grins* Baking is so not my forte. Oh well, like C would say, as long as it's eatable! Happy baking! :)

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