Saturday, 12 March 2011

It's All About Me

I haven't been venting or rambling much on my blog this year. That's a great thing because I remember writing about negative things almost every month throughout my blogging experience. It's healthy to vent via blogging, but when you're venting all the time, that's very unhealthy. 

I'm trying my very best to simplify my life, both online and offline. I must say, life has turned better for me this year, compared to last year. Last year, I was a very negative person. I tend to dwell too much into negativity that I affect the people around me.

I no longer care about things like blog ranks, blogging jobs, and whether I get hundreds or thousands of comments on my blogs. I no longer spend time commenting like mad on blogs just to get free links. With the many disasters going on all around the world, endless worrying and complaining about your blog's low page rank seems so trivial, isn't it?

I don't intend to offend anyone with this post. I'm merely writing for myself, and that's what I've been doing; blogging for myself. I feel liberated whenever I do so, like a burden is lifted off my shoulders. I do not need and will never blog or write a perfect post just to entertain others who need so-called quality reads.

I've also been focusing more on my craft and entertainment blogs. My entertainment blog currently is gaining more than 1500 page views per day, which is great, considering that many so-called bloggers regard such celeb blogs as garbage. Nope, I do not write about celebrity gossip at all. I've also started participating in card-making challenges. I felt that the challenges helped in encouraging me to channel my creativity through the right medium. The challenges also keep me busy, and allow me to create more cards for my blog shop.

This year, it's going to be about me. If the people around me is not willing to accept me for who I am, then so be it. I'll only care for those who care. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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