Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lunch at Kluang Station, The Spring

I went to The Spring with Jojo recently to watch Burlesque. We had lunch at Kluang Station. We wanted to try their nasi lemak and see what else they offer.

Jojo had nasi lemak beef rendang, and I had nasi lemak lamb curry. The rendang and curry were good, but too bad, the sambal (spicy prawn paste) was salty. I didn't even finish my sambal.

Kluang Station - Nasi lemak beef rendang

Kluang Station - Nasi lemak lamb curry

We love the selasih (that's basil seeds) in our drinks, though. I had sirap limau (grenadine with lime) and Jojo had sirap bandung (grenadine with milk).

Kluang Station - Sirap limau and sirap bandung with selasih

The bill was RM30.85 for two, including taxes is quite reasonable, but I wish the food tasted better. I love the ambience there, though. 

The seating area of Kluang Station, The Spring

Kluang Station wall decor

We're planning to go to Planet Sambal near Kuching Waterfront soon. We drove past the restaurant countless of times already, and being huge fans of spicy food (and food in general lol!), it's very enticing. Hopefully we'll be able to sample the food there soon.

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