Sunday, 22 May 2011

We're Moving!

I'll be going back to KL in June, and I must say, I'm excited. I'm not entirely happy about leaving Jojo in Kuching before his reverse surgery, but I bought my tickets last year and it would be a waste not to use it. Hopefully I will be able to come back to Kch to be with Jojo during the surgery.

However, I'm excited about moving to my very own place. C has done all the moving process, and he had his friends over and helped him with cleaning as well. All I need to do is to move in and rearrange everything.

The new place is a small 3-room flat. I don't mind a small place, as long as I get to have it to myself. I hated sharing a place with other eand this would be a fresh start for both of us. A small place also means less mess and less clean-ups would be required. 

I will have a craft room at this new place. Yay! We still need to shop for a few items, such as a craft table for myself. I think I will need a large table or maybe two tables to make room for my new Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine. 

Love the colours! [Image:]

We will also need to get the rooms painted. I'm thinking purple for my craft room, just like in the image. What do you think? I'm super excited just thinking about it. Can't wait!


  1. You have our own place already? waaa.. finally!! bestnya! happy for you!!

    omg jeles you have bought the big shot!haha! jeles in a good way - kena save $$$ juga ni for big shot nie.. :)

  2. Hi Dhiya! Renting saja ni, kalau beli umah sendiri baru lah best! :) Nanti bleh dtg lepak and pakai my Big Shot. Mine pun masih Yenny simpan sbb dia yg tolong belikan. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, sweetie! :)

  3. dear, tak kisah la rent yer, it's a house! much better than rent a room kan? life's improvement! happy.. soon who knows, dengan gov 1st house scheme you gonna own ur house sooon! :)

    bdw, which area dear?

    u r the second person yg i kenal beli big shot. sgt teruja juga. hehe. how much did u bought? so u terima special order beli big shot tak? hehe...

    i selalu drop by ur blog, just this one cant keep myself from not commenting, since I knw this is what u really want - ur own place and own a big craft machine. I'm happy for you.. :) :)

  4. Owh kitorg main kutu dgn Yenny and a few other crafters utk beli Big Shot tu, bayar RM70 per month utk 8 org, so RM560 la. But the machine is slightly cheaper. :) Beli kat 1-U jer, Yenny tolong belikan mine.

  5. owh i see.. okay2.. enjoy the Big Shot :)

  6. Hey Debbs!! Yay to having a place all to yourself!! :) Tak kesah kecik or renting but at least tiada aunty yang sebok2 with ur biz! And yay to a craft room with a craft machine!! Wuah wuah that's just awesome!

    And yes, that purple looks really great with the white furniture! ;) Congrats Debbs!!

  7. Hey Shem! Thanks so much, am very excited about it. :) Can't wait to use the new machine also..hehehe..


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