Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sexy Lingerie as Christmas Gifts

Why not? Why not give a set of sexy lingerie to a gal pal for her birthday or for Christmas? Some people may say it's offensive, but if you know how to choose a sexy but elegant lingerie, why not?

Think sexy, not trashy; unless your BFF doesn't mind anything you choose. Whether you are buying for someone else or for yourself, you should consider the wearer's body type. There are many styles of sexy lingerie that are sensual and yet comfortable.

The colours you choose are important too, but lingerie typically comes in red, white and black. Depending on your hair colour, you can pick other colours as well. Women with blonde hair would look pretty in pastels, while brunettes would look gorgeous in deeper colours, such as emerald green. If you're a redhead, you would look beautiful in blues, greens, and earth tones.

Choose materials that you'd be comfortable in. Lace and satin are top picks for most women, but other materials such as leather, velvet and sheer materials would work too. However, you will need to remember that sheer materials will be very revealing. If you're comfortable in your own skin, why not?

Oh well, who am I to actually give advice on this? I just know how to shop, and I might get sexy lingerie for my BFF this Christmas. Happy shopping!

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