Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I'm No Angel

Today, I've received a number of anonymous comments from a certain unknown person. I can guess who the person is, by the way the comments were written, and how proper the language is. Yes, the person obviously has very good command of English, and no, I am not being sarcastic; I'm sincere.

However, I don't appreciate such comments on my blog. Not only that the comments were written anonymously, but they are also negative comments. The kind that would definitely hurt anyone they're intended for. I mean, who on earth would appreciate being bashed in public, right?

I wish that this person would stop bugging me. I must admit that I was and am still hurt with everything that has happened, and I didn't ask for it to happen. I can only wish that you understand what I've been going through. Please stop trying to hurt me, for with every attempt to hurt me, you'd definitely feel hurt too.

We're mature adults, and we don't need this kind of drama in our lives. There is no need to be bitter about anything, but I'd understand if you feel bitter towards me. I'm trying to move on, and I have a sick brother and a family that needs me. I suggest you do the same too, to focus on your family and to stop wasting your time on trivial matters such as this.

I wouldn't hate, but if you hate me, that's fine. I am no angel, and so aren't you. Just pretend that we have never met, spare me a bit of forgiveness, and move on. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you.

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