Monday, 12 March 2012

An Attempt at Poetry

I've had a great weekend. I spent my weekend with my brother, just watching tv and relaxing at home, having sing-alongs and laughs. We even recorded ourselves singing Belaian Jiwa and This I Promise You, and the beauty of it is, among the serious singing, we laughed at ourselves and each other, and had so much fun!

I've recently wrote poems, inspired by a certain someone. I wrote the first poem, and then wrote a second poem based on the first one. Confusing, no? I suck at writing poems. I wish I had poetry or creative writing classes back in university. My first poem is so cheesy, and the second one sounds like a nursery rhyme. Pathetic.

Anyway, I thought I'd share part of my poem here. Maybe just a verse, whatever it's called. :P I seriously see my poem as a song without a melody. Okay, maybe I'm delusional but who cares? Bear with me, will you?

Ignored it but I knew I'd fail
Refused it but to no avail
Love has no sight, no sense of smell
For your kind heart I truly fell
So here I am bending the rule
Oh heck, who cares, I am just a fool
Tearing my heart, baring my soul
As though I have a chance at all

Now, when I read it, it sounds like a witchery spell! Haha! Cheesy or not? I'm all ears.

Happy Monday!

Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved.  
~Christopher Paul Rubero


  1. I love it lah debbs! Sangat suka, you! :) I think it's brilliant and it doesn't sound like a cheesy witchery spell at all. :D

    The last time I wrote poems and poetry was after giving birth to Buddy. I had this burst of creative mind juice flowing through me.. until I ran out of it. Haven't written two lines since then. Well, I did write a haiku for a contest but that doesn't really count. Hahahaha

    1. Hey Shem! :) Wow, for you to give me a compliment on my "witchery" poem, it must be quite good. Thanks so much! :) Feel like writing more, actually. Lately I've been feeling inspired. :) Thanks again for dropping by! :D


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