Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bad Mood, Just Shoo!

Someone spoiled my day today by texting me early in the morning. It was not a bad news, but it was not something I'd like to hear in the morning. Heck, it was not something I'd like to hear at all.

I wish ghosts of my past will just disappear forever, and stop bothering me. I know this is vague, but this is as good as it's going to get. You're not going to get much from me. Count your lucky stars that you're not in such a deep shit like me. Count them now, seriously.

I've prayed, and somehow I feel that this is some kind of a punishment from God. I felt a bit calmer than before, but I don't know. It comes and goes, just like my depression. It's not as severe as before, though. I'm coping rather well, I guess. I just hope someone will help me go through this, and guide me so that I will know what to do to settle my problems. I just hope my family will never know about my problems. If it comes to the extend that my family gets involved, God knows what I'd do because that means these ghosts of my past have crossed the border. So don't ever cross that line.

Music didn't help. Listening to my favourite songs would just remind me of that certain someone who doesn't know I exist. Listening to love songs make me sick, and listening to angry songs just make me more in tune with my long lost teen angst.

Polyvore didn't help either, but I haven't gotten into it today. Maybe it will, but I just haven't found the mood yet. I hate it when everything I do, and how well I do them, depends on my mood.

I miss my friend, Sheena. She has deactivated her Facebook account. I really hope she's okay. Please dear God, spare her the troubles, and open her heart to come and talk to me. Please.

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