Saturday, 19 May 2012


I haven't been inspired to craft or blog lately. I've been sleeping and waking up late, and the weather has not been kind to me either. It's been scorching hot, or rather hot and humid lately. It rained yesterday, and it's back to hot weather today.

It's not my habit to complain about everything, but I just can't stand hot weather. Jojo fell sick because of it, and I can hear mom coughing in the kitchen. I sure do hope dad won't fall sick too.

Anyway, I've been thinking about something recently. I have a group on Facebook, for crafters and sellers to buy and sell craft supplies. I've been managing it solo lately since my other admins are busy, and I've been feeling a little burdened by it. I don't mind the work that I have to do to manage the group, but I do mind a certain few members that seem to dislike my way of managing it. I also think that it is time-consuming to warn members who break the rules before removing or banning them. It's not like I ban them forever, they could just send me a message and ask to be approved. Sigh.

I'm thinking of just giving up the group and stop being the admin. I don't know if I should do it. I guess I'll just decide later.

I've also been thinking of buying new stocks. The thing is, I can't use the money that I've saved for my trip this October, and I can't ask for my dad's help either. Should I invest in new stocks, hoping that I could double or triple the money just in time for my trip? The dilemma!

I have slept on these dilemmas for nights now, and I still can't decide. Perhaps I should ask my bff. She'll know what to do.

By the way, Mr. Leo sent me a text a few days ago, asking me to go on MSN. I read the text and I was like wtf? Who do you think you are? MIA since before Valentine's Day and no you're back, wanting to be in my life? Bitch, please!

Don't just let anybody into your life, they might ruin it. :) Happy weekend!

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