Saturday, 12 May 2012

Segmen: Saya Nak Lepak Ngan Awak!

I rarely write in Malay. In fact, I can say I almost never blog in Malay. If you're a non-Malaysian, the title of my blog post simply means Segment: I Wanna Hang Out With You!

The segment was started by my new found Twitter friend, Ajam on his blog Ajamoppical. Want to join us? All you have to do is:

1. Write a blog post with the title Segmen: Saya Nak Lepak Ngan Awak!

2. Copy the banner above and include it in your entry, and link the banner to his original post.

3. In your post, name a couple of blogger friends that you'd like to hang out with.

4. Don't forget to link to your blogger friends' blogs.

5. Once it's done, paste your blog post link at the comment section on Ajamoppical's original post.

Okay, so the two blogger friends that I'd love to hang out with are Shemah and Ane. Why? Simply because I miss Shemah and I'd love to meet Ane. Ane is a Pinoy, so I've no idea if I'll meet her since I'm in Kuching and not in KL.

Hanging out with Shemah and Ane, both at the same time would be so much fun. I just knew it. Maybe a movie and lunch day out? Sounds perfect!

Okay, that's it for this segment for today. Looking forward to bloghopping on the segment's participants later. Happy Saturday!


  1. hey girl!! :D thanks for joining my simple segment! i haven't been tweeting much to be honest,

    and hey, check out other bloggers here, and maybe promote your blogs for craft work, i love the hand made cards! :P

    1. Heyya Ajam! I had fun bloghopping at blogs that participated in your segment. Yeah, maybe they'll check out my craft blog too when they come and visit me here. I think most shy away from English blogs. Well hey, I can speak Malay too. No probs! :)

  2. hye,,thanz coz visit my blog,,lets blogwalking to my pinky blog .every second,every minutes,every hour at hikhik hehehe thanz(^_^)

    1. Hi! You're most welcome and thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. bw here and follow (^^) visit my blog

  4. hye there..

    thnx 4 visiting ma site..

    nice to meet u..^_^

    1. Hello! Nice to meet you too. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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